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From: Raymond, Jeff (CEI-Atlanta) [mailto:Jeff.Raymond@coxinc.com] via Clairemont/Great Lakes neighborhood newsletter: Hi Softball Families, There are just a couple of more weeks for open registration (prior to late registration).read more
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From The Decatur Minute We entered the week leading into the 2011 Martin Luther King Jr. Service Project with much trepidation following the snow and ice event that had virtually brought the metropolitan area to a standstill. On Saturday morning,...
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This could be an Eye on the Street, but it needs explanation.  Catherine – who provided the photo – also gives some background…It’s an old school mini cooper on top of a new 4-door mini. My best guess is that it’s some type of marketing ploy from a dealership, but I think it’s hilarious.
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  January 23, 2011Attention Vanderlyn Parents, Past, Present, and Future!Redistricting is happening and our community is being affected.  We are hosting a coffee on Tuesday morning from 8:30 to 10:00 a.m. in the cafeteria so that we can openly discuss our concerns and ideas as the Vanderlyn Community. The mission of this meeting is to come up with ideas and consensus from our community as to what we would like to see from the county in regards to redistricting.  Please tell your friends and neighbors so that we can ALL be represented in the conversation.  Your opinion matters!If you have any questions, plea
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AJC Article on HeneghanJohn Heneghan remembers the roadblocks he encountered when he’d request information from DeKalb County government. Too often, the longtime Dunwoody resident got stonewalled, ignored and met unnecessary resistance about public dealings that should have been completely in the sunshine.Today, Heneghan is the District 3 at-large councilman in what two years ago became the city of Dunwoody. He routinely updates a blog, dunwoodynorth.
blogspot.com, about municipal meetings, issues, local happenings and so on.When Dunwoody incorporated into a city, this tech-savvy Chicago native would capture the meetings in audio and convert them to his blog for all to hear.Within a year, h
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The Coca-Cola Co. announced Thursday plan to give $3 million to humanitarian organization the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC). Atlanta-based Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) said $2 million will go to support the IFRC’s work in disaster response and preparedness and public engagement in communities that both organizations serve. The beverage giant also will donate $1 million to the IFRC’s Disaster Response Emergency Fund to provide immediate financial support to...
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Dunwoody Health Care Forum

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The folks of 'Lakeside' get a win, as does Senator Fran Millar, as SB 270 passes the Georgia Senate.  Jason Carte ...

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